Our AFH Teams have over 20 years of experience on the dock of one of the largest privately owned grocery distribution warehousing companies in the country and over 40 years of warehouse experience collectively. We are fully insured which will eliminate or reduce your company’s exposure. We know that freight handling is a vital part of your business which is why we make ourselves available to you, our customer, 24/7/365 days of the year for all of your loading and unloading needs.

All freight is unloaded and broken down to your specifications and work areas will be cleaned upon completion.


You can rest assured that you will have a reliable, dedicated AFH Team who will ensure that the daily operations are smooth with minimal dock delays. Each AFH Team will be supervised by one of our experienced Warehouse Supervisors who will be "on-dock" each day during receiving hours and on call after hours, 24 hours a day.

At AFH we understand and know, first-hand, the frustrations of dealing with dock delays and unexpected situations that can cause issues. Our AFH Teams pride themselves on efficiency, safety, organization and cleanliness. We look forward to implementing this level of professionalism at any of your warehouses.

There is no job too big or too small. We understand the turn-around time for trucks on your dock is critical for your business and we pride ourselves in being the company that is capable of efficiently and safely handling your freight for you.


At AFH we not only provide superior freight handling services we also offer dock sanitation. Dock will be kept clean during job and upon job completion.


Product Sorting

We can restack, repalletize and sort through any product or any type of merchandise according to the necessity you may have: inventory, repacking, product rotation or whatever your specific job requires.


Pallet Sorting

We can sort through your pallet inventory and separate by Chep, brown wood, and by broken and good pallets.


Full-service logistics is the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities or supplies.

At AFH supply chain logistics are never too complex for us to handle. Whether the order is large or small, we provide our clients with logistics management that includes the safe handling, sorting, inventory upkeep and receiving of goods.


Since some food grade goods and general merchandise require special care, AFH is completely insured for all climates and all types of locations. Our AFH Team is equipped with our own gear appropriate for all climates.

Every phase of our supply logistics is handled with care, expertise and safety. Our staff can easily learn the processes, the ins and outs of every operation and warehouse to improve the logistics of the dock flow. We are always training our AFH Team to accommodate your specific needs.




We provide warehouse staffing as an extension of your team for any and all general services needed: order selectors, forklift operators, receivers and inventory control clerks. We will provide you with the best service possible to boost your production or if you are short-handed and require assistance to complete day to day tasks:

  • Strong local Management guarantees decisions are made timely, any issues are resolved and our client's needs are met.

  • Unloading Dock Scheduling Management

  • Freight Hauling

  • Product Put-away and Stocking Replenishment

  • Selecting, Labeling

  • Loading

  • Auditing, Product Checking

  • Sanitation, General Housekeeping

  • Pallet Sorting, Pallet Management Program

  • Tote Sorting and Washing

  • Corrugated Bailing and Recycling

  • Special Project

  • Salvage/Returns


We have Crown DP TrainSafe OSHA certified trainers that can confirm/certify your staff at any specific warehouse locations. Your Team can be certified for forklift and pallet jack/PIV to be compliant to the OSHA regulation 1910.178 requirements.